Light: The Nimbus brand stands for a wide-ranging spectrum of series-produced luminaires that is based on the pioneering LED technology.

The Rosso brand stands for highly flexible shade systems and for room-structuring products – including highly efficient acoustics solutions for the home and workplace.

Light meets acoustics

Summer 2015 - a number of products hang over a desk in the development department of the Nimbus Group in Stuttgart, and one is reminded of a historical quote: "What belongs together is now growing together." Some of the products are round or rectangular LED luminaires like those Nimbus has produced for many years under names such as Modul Q or Modul R – and which can now be found hanging over thousands of office workplaces. The others are the new Rossoacoutsic PADs: they are round and rectangular elegant-looking absorbers made of compressed fleece and with a formal idiom that is reminiscent of the luminaires.

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Engineered design from Stuttgart

Founded in 1988 by Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, the Nimbus Group has developed into a driving force in both design and innovation in two related fields with its two different brands. With its Nimbus brand in the segment of energy-efficient LED luminaires for the contract and private sectors, with its Rosso brand on the market for shading and room-partitioning systems including integrated acoustics solutions for the home and office. Light and acoustics – two essential parameters in modern office and home environments – are undergoing an organic fusion under the umbrella of the Nimbus Group.

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Design Addicts

Nimbus originated in a garage – this is the founding myth of the company. The garage together with two adjacent cellar rooms are located in Botnang, Stuttgart. They served as workshop, office and exhibition space and there was a lathe, a soldering station and other tools.

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Sustainability Statement

Our statement regarding sustainability is the company itself. As an LED pioneer, we have made a decisive contribution to the breakthrough and establishment of a technology whose core attribute is the economical use of energy and raw materials.

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